Alumni Book Release Party and Performance

 The event, open to all High School students, hosted more than 50 young men and women including many from the new high school engineering class taught by Bob Lind.  Students were able to discuss the engineering field and ask questions to the variety of professionals from the School District community.  Guests included; electrical, chemical, mechanical, and biomedical engineers. The professionals shared information about their careers including the work they did, how they did it, and gave advice to them.   On November 13th, Indian Hill students got a chance to sit down for an informative lunch with practicing engineers from the community at large.  The lunch, sponsored by the Indian Hill Foundation, was part of the long standing Foundation program called Lunch with a Professional.

When asked if he received the information he wanted from the lunch, senior Davis Sneider said, “I think it was a good foundation for what I wanted to know. Of course there’s so much depth and complexity to any occupation and everyone has different experiences, but it was nice to see what a professional thought about his or her job.” Davis looks forward to either becoming a biomedical or environmental engineer, and said that the lunch helped further his interest in his chosen major.

It was useful. I liked it,”says Alec Taylor, another senior with high praise. “They gave us an overview of how they got to where they are and what they do now. It was really informative.”

LWP1Written by Sarah Dorger Senior at IHHS


An enthusiastic group of Alumni met in January to talk about key ways Alumni support can enhance the IH Braves community. Projects will include a comprehensive IHHS Alumni database for reunion planning, networking opportunities to promote business among Alumni and vendor opportunities for the district, and raising money for the Foundation through class gifts. Terese Munro ’76, Committee Chairperson and charter member of the Alumni Association, is excited about the ongoing connection to the District. “My years at Indian Hill Schools remain some of the best of my life. So much of what I learned from incredible teachers and extra-curricular involvement remains with me to this day. I’m happy to volunteer to help Alumni reconnect with each other and their school.”

Several Foundation trustees are Indian Hill High School graduates as well as parents of IH students including; Marci Jacobson Blachman, Jennifer Ferris Faulkner, Julie Budig Held, Amy Wiatt Mees, John Paquette, Keith Rabenold and Lance White. “The IH School Community includes 10,000 Alumni and their families. Building the network will have far-reaching benefits,” says Mr. Rabenold ‘82.


Mr. Little

By Aloke Desai ’12 Ih Chieftain 2012

In this month’s Blast from the Past, we look at an article from the March, 1986 issue of Chieftain. The article discusses Mr. Little’s nomination for the Fulbright Scholarship. Who knew he was teaching at IH in the 80s?


 Little given Fulbright Scholarship

Mr. Sherwin Little, Latin teacher, has been has been granted a Fulbright Scholarship to study at the American School of Classical Studies in Greece this summer.


The school beings its session on June 16, but Little will be leaving before that so that he can spend time in Northern Italy on his way to Athens. The six-week term is divided in half, with three weeks being spent in Athens at the school and sites around Athens, and the other three weeks being spend in other important cities like Sparta and Delphi. Forty students will be the attending the school, but only three were offered full scholarships. Most of those in attendance will be graduate students and teachers.

Little previously attended a similar school in Rome, and feels that experiences such as these are important “because it is part of my responsibility as a teacher to continue to learn new things.”

His acceptance was based largely on college transcripts and other evidence that he has some background in Greek civilization. However, Little’s strength is Latin and Roman history, and so he is having to spend time reading up on Greek history. In addition, he is having to learn the language, a task which is causing him some trouble.

“I’m also trying to brush up my Italian for my time in Italy, and so I’m working on Greek, some Italian will get mixed in,


Mr. Little in 2011

and then a few words of Latin slip in and make it really confusing!” he said.

The Fulbright Scholarship pays only for his tuition, with a little bit extra for food. Therefore, Little is applying for other sources to help pay for his transportation and for various other costs.

The Fulbright Scholarships are given the United States government, as they have been since the program first began in 1946. They are given both to U.S. citizens who wish to study or teach abroad and to foreign citizens who wish to study or teach in the U.S., and are considered to be one of the most prestigious awards available to young scholars.


Senior Trip 2011

     This years senior trip was a great success! After first arriving at the double tree hotel everyone was ready to break away and check out all the stores in the area. There was so much to see but we had very little time to browse because we had to catch the bus to go to second city which is a famous comedy club. They were famous for good reason, all of them were hilarious to say the least! after a good hard laugh everyone went to a great restaurant were we filled ourselves with the finest pizza chicago had to offer.

    The next day was our only full day in Chicago. Me and my roommates slept in which I now realize was a mistake because I didn’t have enough time to see the things I wanted to see. Nevertheless our day went on according to the schedule. We left for the aquarium at around three and it was truly an awesome and fascinating trip. We saw sharks, jellyfish, sea turtles, and there were trained sea lions and dolphins that performed incredible tricks in front of us. It was remarkable!Later that day we all had the priviledge of going on a cuise with gormet food, luxurious commodities and music for dancing!

     After arriving at the hotel that night me and my roommates had trouble sleeping with the dissapointing thought of returning home the next day. However, our fun was not over after all we had one more stop to make! thats right, CHINA TOWN! This was fascinating for me who has never been to china town before and for those of you who have never been I would recomend it. China town is a place where you can buy cheap trinkets and knick knacks thats you couldn’t find anywhere else. After going through many stores I figured that I couldn’t go home empty handed so I decided to buy a Samari Sword. (I had quite an interesting conversation with my parents later that day) After an hour of China Town it was time to pack up and head home with the memories of exciting adventures and experiences that I had with my classmates!

                                     -Will Ives Class of 2011/12


^ Indian Hill Chicago Alumni gathered for a mini reunion at the Double Tree Hotel!

Varsity Football – Braves vs the Taft Senators – Friday, September 9

The IH Athletic Department welcomes back parents of our former Braves athletes on Friday, September 9. Dust off your red and white and join us when the Braves host the Taft Senators. Bring your lawn chair and we’ll have reserved seating in the end zone for our alumni parents. Your athlete may have graduated but you are welcome to come back and participate in the fun and cheer on the BRAVES. We hope to see you there! Kickoff is 7:30 PM.